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Gifts from awesome friends

:iconkokorox::iconpiupiupaw: :iconusura-tonkachi: :iconxpeppersnot: :iconjesterry: :iconszajnie::iconkokorox:

Thank you so much my friends! :hug:

Shisui no bento by jesterry

My Commissions

ohayou by girlUnknown by :icongirlunknown:

Commission: SS: the Listening by tenchufreak by :icontenchufreak:

Commission: SasuSaku by zal-sanity by :iconzal-sanity:

just us boys by Sanzo-Sinclaire by :iconsanzo-sinclaire:

Commission: SasuSaku by DakCar by :icondakcar:

SasuSaku Bath *deleted by dA* by :iconannria2002:

SasuSaku : Memories : by kivi1230  by :iconkivi1230:

Chibi Commission: Zhusanna by cherubchan  by :iconcherubchan:

  by :iconshoumon:
(mine is the SasuSaku)

sasusaku Obon by Fey-Rayen by :iconfey-rayen:

CM: Sasuke and Sakura by Chloeeh by :iconchloeeh:

CM: SasuNaru Let's fight by fairy-ferre by :iconfairy-ferre:

Mission Break by arriku by :iconarriku:

Commission: Zhusanna by starlightdevil by :iconstarlightdevil:

Why so formal, Sasuke? by jesterry by :iconjesterry:

Mission by Sanzo-Sinclaire by :iconsanzo-sinclaire:

Commission: My Princess by annsquare by :iconannsquare:

SasuSaku ::Iridescence:: by kivi1230 by :iconkivi1230:

:points commission: para zhusanna by SugarSugarChocoretto by :iconpily-sweet-angel:
(that's me!)

:thumb271708501: by Szajnie

:thumb271754115: by Szajnie

zhusanna comish by Nishi06 by :iconnishi06:

SNS by Nishi06 by :iconnishi06:

SasuSaku by Cygnetzzz by :iconcygnetzzz:

SasuNaru by Cygnetzzz by :iconcygnetzzz:

Uchiha police force by Kibbitzer by :iconkibbitzer:

comm zhusanna by DKYingst by :icondkyingst:

Commission for zhusanna by ilaBarattolo by :iconilabarattolo:

Peach Blue Anbu by tenchufreak by :icontenchufreak:

:thumb279930094: by Szajnie

:thumb285235074: by Szajnie

SasuSaku ::Forget-me-not:: by kivi1230 by :iconkivi1230:

Sketch com: Silly you by Cygnetzzz by :iconcygnetzzz:

Sketch Commission: Zhussana by starlightdevil by :iconstarlightdevil:

SasuSaku for Zhusanna, sketch by jesterry(WIP) by :iconjesterry:

Companion by jesterry by :iconjesterry:

NaruSasuNaru commission by canary-309 by :iconcanary-309:

:thumb308151510: by Szajnie

Comm: zhusanna by pancake-waddle by :iconpancake-waddle:

SasuSaku Month 2012 - Day 31 - Festive by jesterry by :iconjesterry:

SS - Toro Nagashi by kanaru by :iconkanaru:

CM::  Le Pique-nique by NorngPinky by :iconnorngpinky:

CM: SasuSaku Kimono - with speed paint by Wosda by :iconwosda:

Commission - zhusanna by DYMx by :icondymx:

Lust by d-oppelganger by :icond-oppelganger:

:thumb328867626: by Szajnie

Commission: SasuSaku - Winter [Birds Feeding] by ArisuAmyFan by :iconarisuamyfan:

With our Fists by clo-ne by :iconclo-ne:

:thumb345666818: by Szajnie

com : zhusanna by stephie-boo by :iconstephie-boo:
(that's me!)

COMMISSION for zhusanna by Tabe-chan by :icontabe-chan:

comm: by piupiupaw by :iconpiupiupaw:

comm: sasusaku! by piupiupaw by :iconpiupiupaw:

happy mother's day! by piupiupaw by :iconpiupiupaw:

Sketch Commissions by lightshelter by :iconlightshelter:
(Sasuke is mine)

by :icondymx:

What a charming forehead by DYMx

:thumb380448504: by Szajnie

:thumb387101117: by SolarButterfly

SasuSaku Rememberance by kivi1230 by :iconkivi1230:

:thumb395314932: by Szajnie

:thumb397503050: by Szajnie

:thumb400740926: by Szajnie

Ichiraku by arriku by :iconarriku:

(C): Zhusanna by pepperlicious by :iconpepperlicious:

MikoMada - Will of Fire by jesterry by :iconjesterry:

Lights by arriku by :iconarriku:

CM: Sasuke + Naruto by DakCar by :icondakcar:

wanna have a go? by Sanzo-Sinclaire by :iconsanzo-sinclaire:

last snowflakes by Sanzo-Sinclaire by :iconsanzo-sinclaire:

Commission Valentine's Day 02 by KuroDK by :iconkurodk:
(mine is the SasuSaku!)

Thank you, girls - and Kibbitzer! You are all amazing artists!



zhusanna's Profile Picture
Art Lover
United States
*My ID was made by :iconstephie-boo:

**Thanks to tutorials and resources by Gasara and CypherVisor I can customize my profile!

:iconwelcomesignplz: :icongivellama1plz::icongivellama2plz::icongivellama3plz: :iconwelcomesignplz:

Watchers Stamp by CurlyHairedDemon Awesome Friends Stamp by Toxic-Mario I luff chocolate by prosaix

:iconlaplayplz: :iconlastamp1plz::iconlastamp2plz: :iconlainloveplz:

Marvel and Naruto madness on my

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Sat Aug 8, 2015, 1:08 PM


1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
      6 years

2. What does your username mean?
      It's not so much a variant of the name Zsuzsanna. I used a small z 'cause back then I think it was fashionable to not capitalize your name. :giggle:

3. Describe yourself in three words.

4. Are you left or right handed?
      right handed

5. What was your first deviation?
      a journal!  First Journal - My Commissions FeatureTwo years on dA and I'm just figuring out how a journal works.  :p
What better subject for a first journal entry than to feature my beautiful commissions?  
I love them all and owe many thanks to the amazing artists who created them for me.  :heart:
  by :icongirlunknown:
  by :icontenchufreak:
  by :iconzal-sanity:
  by :iconsanzo-sinclaire:
  by :iconDakkar-H:
  by :iconannria2002:
  by :iconkivi1230:
  by :iconcherubchan:
  by :iconLisemo:
(mine is the SasuSaku)
Thank you, girls!  You are all amazing artists!  :iconloveloveplz:

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
      just pencil and paper chibi-type stuff

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
     I would love to paint watercolors! :love:

8. What was your first favourite?
      sketch:team 7 is back by nami64 by nami64

9.What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
      Naruto and Marvel are my two fandoms, so mostly fanart from those, but  also anything else that catches my eye. :aww:

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
      Too many to choose just one. :heart:

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
      I've got a list! :la:

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
      I never realized that you could consider people that you've never met, who live on the other side of the earth, to be such good friends. Tell me a bedtime story~ 

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
      pencil and paper

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
      My kitchen table :lol: 

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
      All the wonderful people I've met from all over the world (even through the simple fun of llama trading!) and all of my beautiful commissions and all the amazing artists that have drawn for me! :iconmonkeyloveplz:

Happy Birthday dA! :party:

Skin CSS Nesmaty
Brushes MyShinyBoy

Commission Feature - Lights by arriku

Absolutely stunning... breath-taking and gorgeous.... :love: Thank you, arriku!

Commission Feature - Rememberance by kivi1230

So much emotion and so beautiful!
I love it! Thank you, kivi1230! :huggle:

Commission Feature - Obon by Szajnie

"You know," Sakura began, watching as the Uchiha lanterns bobbed on the water, "we'll have company for next year."

Sasuke glanced down at her, a familiar knot between his brows. "Why? Who are you thinking to invite?" He was immediately defensive. This was their tradition together--just them. Away from the village and the rest of the celebration...quiet, secluded. He liked it like that. Why would she ruin it by inviting anyone else?

Sakura chuckled. Sometimes her beloved husband was completely dense. "I'm not inviting anyone. Well, I am...but you invited them too."

Sasuke frowned. "You're not making any sense."

With a soft sigh, she grabbed his hand, pulling him closer. Without a word she placed it, palm flat, to the small curve of her abdomen just below the obi.

Sasuke blinked, his heartbeat tripping over itself. "Are you..." he cleared his throat. "Are you sure?"

She nodded.

He made a soft sound and pulled her close, buried his face against her. "Thank you," he whispered.


Art and snippet by :iconszajnie:

*showers Szajnie with love*
I love it! Thank you, sweetie! :huggle: :heart:

Obon Commission Features

:bulletgreen:Toro Nagashi

We send out these lanterns to remember the spirits of the departed and pray for their blessings upon us. May our lives be filled with hope even as the darkness is filled with light this night.

Art by kanaru, words by darthmadigan

Thank you both, my friends! :hug:


:bulletgreen:sasusaku Obon

A tradition long forgotten in the wake of the Uchiha Clan's massacre and disgrace, is rekindled this night.
The Uchiha would sponsor a festival of lights, their testament to the will of fire and their love for Konoha.
In time, perhaps the festival will become that again. But for now, for tonight, it takes a much more personal meaning.

Art by Fey-Rayen, words by darthmadigan

Thank you both, my friends! :hug:

Commission Feature by DYMx

So sweet and affectionate! :heart:

Thank you, DYMx! :hug:

Commission Feature - piupiupaw

comm: by piupiupaw
comm: sasusaku! by piupiupaw
happy mother's day! by piupiupaw

My three favorites - Team7, SS, and Mikoto and sons! :la:
All so beautiful! Thank you, piupiupaw! :hug:

Commission Feature - Lust by doppelganger95

Beautiful, badass, and sexy! :la:
Thank you, d-oppelganger! :hug:

Commission Feature - Uchiha police force by Kibbitzer

My alternate future has the Uchiha boys together on the police force. Thank you, Kibbitzer, for bringing this to life for me! :hug:





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